Defrost Flap


When evaporator is in defrost mode, fans stop working. Defrost Flap, thanks to its special fiber structure and coating, immediately goes down and closes the front side of the ventilator. During the heating operation in the evaporator for defreezing, Defrost Flap prevents heat to go away into the cold storage room.

When fan is running, it increases the speed and directs air into the cold storage room. It increases the flow distance.

Defrost Flap can run between -40°C to 80°C temperatures, thanks to its moisture resistant, water and vapor rebellent special structure.

Defrost Flap makes defrost operation to be more economical and in shorter time period.

It increases the life time of evaporator.

It does not require maintenance or extra energy consumption during running.

It can be easily applied to evaporators which are already assemblied in the cold storage room.